Community Mediation and Restorative Justice Services in Dakota, Ramsey and Washington Counties

DRC promotes the constructive resolution of conflict through open communication and shared decision-making.

"They are the first line of defense for people searching for low-cost help as they face disputes, unable to afford legal services, and not knowing where to turn."
"There is such a great need for the services that DRC provides to the community to assure that we all treat one another with dignity and respect no matter what we are engaged in."
Arline Datu
"Mediation is an excellent way to solve disputes within the community. By offering services to the community, DRC has the potential of sparing many the typical issues associated with a courtroom..."
Community Lawyer
"Everyone benefits from finding ways to solve problems respectfully and peacefully."
Community Volunteer

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Of, by and for the community

our volunteers embody this concept.
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Dispute Resolution Center promotes the constructive resolution of conflict through open communication and shared decision-making.

How do I become a volunteer?

All DRC’s primary services are delivered by volunteers. There are many opportunities to volunteer with DRC, such as volunteering as a mediator, facilitator, or circle keeper. You can volunteer to assist with administrative support or outreach. You can also serve as a board member or committee member.

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I'd love to be a donor!

The work of DRC would not be possible without donations from individuals, foundations, corporations, and associations. You can know that your contribution will be put to good use serving your community. Donate to DRC and help your community.


Where can I find other resources?

Not every situation is appropriate for mediation – and sometimes other services complement mediation. This section lists valuable community resources. Have some basic needs? Try these general resources.


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