St. Paul Resident

“DRC offers tremendous services that save people time, additional angst, and tons of money by empowering them to find peaceful solutions they craft, buy into and are therefore willing to fulfill, rather than ending up with attorneys in years of lawsuits! It is the oldest community mediation program in Minnesota as well as being one of the best. Its staff and volunteers engage community members in restorative justice and mediation practices, and in creating new and meaningful ways of resolving community conflicts. It increases community conflict management skills by providing training.

Lynne Markus

“Staff and volunteers help people in conflict to talk together, decide their own solutions, and implement them in a safe and respectful manner. They share problem-solving guidance with persons experiencing public safety issues or personal disagreements. DRC mediation training also creates qualified community mediators and restorative justice practitioners. People served by DRC avoid the expensive and time-consuming litigation. Families, workplaces, schools and neighborhoods benefit from nonviolent dispute resolution.”

Katie W.

“I’m a huge supporter of mediation as a way for two or more parties to quickly get to the center of an issue. Rather than entering the legal system–or taking matters into their own hands–anyone can have an inherently more rewarding experience if they elect to resolve their issues with the help of DRC’s experienced volunteers and staff. Mediation has been around a long time, yet it’s the wave of the future: It saves clients and taxpayers money, and its goal is to maintain the dignity of all involved–novel ideas in the world we currently inhabit. “