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The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC), the oldest community mediation program in Minnesota, is the only program offering residents of St. Paul and the East Metro Area free and low-cost volunteer-based mediation and facilitation services in community and court settings. It is our policy that no one is turned away for inability to pay. Our goal is to provide accessible, effective, and affordable dispute resolution services to assist community members in the resolution of conflict – respectfully and peacefully.

Our mission: to promote the constructive resolution of conflict through open communication and shared decision-making.

Community-based conflict resolution uses trained volunteers from the community to help people work together to define issues, improve understanding, preserve relationships, resolve underlying conflicts, prevent future problems and reach agreements. Mediation participants, with the help of our volunteer mediators, decide for themselves the best way to resolve issues. Our volunteers facilitate the communication processes that allow friends, neighbors, coworkers, landlords and tenants, businesses and consumers, and families to build better relationships. The result is a more peaceful and stable community.

We also offer a range of restorative justice methods – including victim-offender mediation, large and small group facilitation, circle processes, and family-group conferencing. DRC serves residents and businesses that traditionally do not seek services from other types of service providers.

The Dispute Resolution Center is a non-profit organization designed to assist people in resolving their disputes. We believe that people can reach satisfactory resolutions respectfully, without litigation, to the mutual satisfaction of all involved parties.

We provide mediation services to individuals, families, neighbors, landlords and tenants, businesses, consumers and government agencies in the East Metro area, anyone who might wish to resolve a problem in cooperation or negotiation with the others involved.

Our Primary Services:


Youth Programming in Conflict Resolution


Restorative Justice

Custom Workshops and Trainings