Workplace Keys to Success

We can all benefit from training that gives us the skills to manage the daily conflict and stress we face.  There are simply no quick fixes for many conflicts, but we can manage them in a way that is pro-active and preventative.  Communication, trust and emotional intelligence are key factors for increasing job satisfaction, teamwork, business efficiency, and future success.  Our training can improve the climate or culture of your organization.

The Cost of Conflict in the Workplace

  • Poor morale, absenteeism, attrition
  • Stress-related medical conditions
  • Workers’ comp claims
  • Theft, sabotage, violence, lawsuits

All of which leads to loss of productivity for the employer.

Affecting Business Productivity

Examples of conflict that affect your bottom line:

  • Unfair treatment, discrimination, sexual harassment
  • Angry employees, feuding groups, “we vs. they” attitude
  • Dealing with resistant employees
  • Workplaces in transition/change
  • Unclear or undefined company directives
  • Poor communication

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