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Mediation Fee Schedule

Mediation Fee Schedule The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) uses a sliding fee scale for mediation services. In cases of large group mediation sessions, DRC case management staff will work with participants to find an amount that works best for the group. For more details about mediation session fees, please call 651-292-7791 with questions.


Workplace Keys to Success We can all benefit from training that gives us the skills to manage the daily conflict and stress we face.  There are simply no quick fixes for many conflicts, but we can manage them in a way that is pro-active and preventative.  Communication, trust and emotional intelligence are key factors for …

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Family Mediation

Mediation Services for Families Family-related issues such as post-divorce visitation schedules, truancy, parent-child relationships, communication, and co-parenting may be appropriate for mediation. Family issues suitable for mediation include: Communication Family-business matters Youth extracurricular activities and expenses Grandparent involvement Parenting concerns Parenting time Post-divorce property issues Property distribution following probate Using mediation to resolve their differences …

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Mediation Process

Contact us, we’ll help you assess your situation and how we can help – no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. If mediation is appropriate, we ask for the contact information of those involved. We then invite the other person(s) to a mediation session and address their questions and concerns. When all …

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Our Mediators

Our Mediators DRC mediators are specially trained community volunteers who reflect the population of the communities served. The primary responsibility for any resolution rests with the participants. Mediators are neutral and do not decide who is right or wrong or give opinions on the issues. Mediators ensure that the session is conducted in a safe …

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Court Mediation

Court Mediation Even if you choose to file a case in conciliation or housing court, you may meet with one of our volunteer mediators on your court date. DRC sends volunteer mediators to the courthouse in the Second Judicial District – Ramsey County – to offer our mediation services to litigants before they see the …

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Community Mediation DRC provides the opportunity for people to voluntarily resolve conflict in a manner that is respectful and satisfactory to all involved. Types of issues referred to mediation include: community and family issues such as neighborhood conflicts landlord/tenant; small claims; business/consumer matters public policy concerns and family-related issues such as visitation schedules, truancy, parent-child …

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Mediation Preparation

Mediation Preparation Dispute Resolution Center can aid you in preparing for your mediation. This useful information will help you understand the process as well as your own role in mediation. Please read prior to your mediation. What is Mediation? Mediation is an effective means for people in conflict to work through their issues and arrive …

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Custom Workshops

Customized Workshops Interested in the ways in which dispute resolution can enhance your environment? DRC provides customized workshops, tailored to the needs of each organization. Did you know that unresolved workplace conflict causes productivity levels to drastically decrease? What if everyone in your organization had the tools to resolve conflicts? DRC’s customized workshops have assisted …

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Restorative Justice

What is Restorative Justice? Restorative Justice is a victim-centered response to crime that provides opportunities for those most directly affected – victims, offenders, families, and community members – to be directly involved in responding to and repairing harm. Restorative processes provide voluntary opportunities for people to meet in a safe environment and work toward a …

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