Mediation is a voluntary process that provides an opportunity for people to meet in a safe environment with an impartial mediator and work toward a satisfactory resolution of the issues, without the additional time and expense involved in litigation. The mediator does not decide the outcome, but rather assists parties in reaching their own agreement in a manner that best meets their needs. Mediation is a confidential, voluntary process of shared decision-making in which one or more impartial persons assist individuals, organizations, and communities in conflict to work toward a variety of goals.

Mediation encourages people to:

  • Improve communication, understanding, empathy, and relationships
  • Avoid or improve involvement with the legal system and courts
  • Reach their own decisions
  • Resolve underlying issues and conflicts
  • Prevent future problems

Mediation is:

  • Self-determined – participants decide for themselves the best way to resolve the issues
  • Voluntary – each person has the opportunity to choose whether to try mediation
  • Quick – two-hour sessions can usually be scheduled within two weeks

Advantages for Resolving Disputes


Mediation can be scheduled in a neutral location at a time that fits each person’s schedule, within a week or two to assist you in resolving your dispute promptly, whereas other avenues may take over a month to be scheduled.


Mediation allows participants more control over the outcome of your dispute. Both participants have an opportunity to address the issues that are most important and create the best possible outcome. The majority of mediation sessions result in an agreement reached by participants.


Fees for mediation depend on the type of case and number of participants involved. Sliding fees are available for clients who meet income guidelines. We will schedule a time and place that is convenient for all participants.


You will not have to wait for a judge or jury to determine the outcome of your case. Confidential Information shared during mediation is private and protected. If you reach an agreement, you will have a written and signed copy for future records.